Fine Dining Trends at Miami Beach Restaurant Group

Here at the V&E Restaurant Group blog, we recently shared some of the trending technological directions of the dining industry. Today we thought we’d pull back a little for a broader focus on general, all-around trends in fine dining—a subject area we naturally keep close tabs on as we manage our popular and varied eateries in the U.S. and Mexico.

Read on for a few of the widely recognized recent fads and focuses in gourmet dining. Read more

Group Dining Tips from Mexico & Florida Restaurants

Dining out with friends and/or family can be a blast: It can also be surprisingly stressful, given the logistics involved. Here at V&E Restaurant Group, our Miami, Las Vegas, and Mexican eateries commonly host large parties—many are beautifully set up for group dining, including private affairs.

We thought we’d share some basic group-dining etiquette and wisdom to make planning that communal meal out—whether a birthday party, a goodbye bash, a business feed, or any other context—smoother and less anxiety-inducing. Read more