Keeping Your Miami or Vegas Restaurant Open on Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is fast approaching: Is your restaurant staying open for it? There’s no major American holiday so centered on food as Thanksgiving, of course, and that means a unique situation for dining establishments. On the one hand, many households continue to go the traditional route with a home-cooked meal. On the other, more and more Americans are opting to skip the fuss, hassle, and stress of making their own Thanksgiving feast and eating out instead.

There’s thus a real opportunity if you decide to be open on Thanksgiving, but it’s something to weigh against the potential drawbacks. Let’s “dig in” to the issue!

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Rise of Mobile Payments in South Florida & Vegas Restaurants

One of the red-hot trends in the restaurant industry—not to mention the hospitality and retail worlds at large—is mobile payment. More and more dining establishments are using this technology that allows for their customers to pay for meals over their smartphones or other mobile devices. Here’s a closer look at the idea, and how it could revolutionize your restaurant.

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