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Miami Events

Miami Spice 2021 – Things to do in August – September.

Miami Spice 2021  – Things to do in August – September.
E. Machado

Every year in August & September, The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) launches Miami Spice months showcasing the best restaurants in the area, a variety of cuisines and tailored menus to satisfy locals & visitors while exploring the top destinations in Miami. 

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Frozen Cocktails

6 Best Frozen Drinks for hot & humid days.


According to Miami New Times recent article describing humidity as the “soup of the day”, high temperatures in Miami have broken records to 108F.  People would say “it is not the heat, it is the humidity” and some experts agree but also say it is actually both. Climate change plays an important role & we will address this in many blogs to come. But today we wanted to do a more simple combination & describe how our customers stay fresh while enjoying a variety of frozen drinks, here are the Best 6 cocktails that you can enjoy during your next visit:  

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Keeping Your Miami or Vegas Restaurant Open on Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is fast approaching: Is your restaurant staying open for it? There’s no major American holiday so centered on food as Thanksgiving, of course, and that means a unique situation for dining establishments. On the one hand, many households continue to go the traditional route with a home-cooked meal. On the other, more and more Americans are opting to skip the fuss, hassle, and stress of making their own Thanksgiving feast and eating out instead.

There’s thus a real opportunity if you decide to be open on Thanksgiving, but it’s something to weigh against the potential drawbacks. Let’s “dig in” to the issue!

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Rise of Mobile Payments in South Florida & Vegas Restaurants

One of the red-hot trends in the restaurant industry—not to mention the hospitality and retail worlds at large—is mobile payment. More and more dining establishments are using this technology that allows for their customers to pay for meals over their smartphones or other mobile devices. Here’s a closer look at the idea, and how it could revolutionize your restaurant.

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Ghost Restaurants Trend from Vegas Restaurant Group

The past couple of years have seen the emergence of a whole new restaurant model perfectly suited to the age’s technological, social, and economic landscapes: “ghost restaurants.”

Here at the V&E Restaurant Group blog, we’re all about keeping tabs on dining trends and sharing tips for restaurant proprietors, and today—here in the Halloween season, no less—we’re going to take a closer look at this “ghostly” approach!

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Halloween Marketing Trends from Miami Beach Restaurants

’Tis the haunting season, and here at Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group we’re ready to serve up some “scary”-good tips for dining establishments looking to take advantage of Halloween.

Read on for some ideas on how to use this spookiest holiday to your advantage in promoting your business!

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Fine Dining vs Quick Dining from Miami Restaurant Group

There used to be a pretty clear-cut distinction between fine-dining restaurants and fast-food or quick-serve joints, but these days that’s no longer the case. A proliferation of “fast casual” and “fast fine dining” eateries are meeting the desire of more and more patrons for high-quality meals delivered with less formality and shorter wait-times than a traditional white-tablecloth establishment.

Here’s a closer look at the trend!

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Benefits of Weekly Specials from Florida & Vegas Restaurants

The concept of a weekly (or daily) restaurant special is certainly not a new one, but its benefits are as true today as ever. If you’ve never offered these kinds of regular deals at your eatery, here are some reasons why you might consider doing so—and some tips for how best to market them.

Some Advantages of the Daily or Weekly Restaurant Special

Daily or weekly specials allow you to focus on making only a few dishes, maybe even just one, which needless to say can smooth out and speed up operations in the kitchen.

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Best Miami Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Fall

Fall is just around the corner—it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?—and that means a whole smorgasbord of possibilities for seasonal marketing for your restaurant.

Here at the Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group’s blog, we like to provide as many tips and insights on successfully marketing an eatery as we can, and today we’re going to focus on some advice for promoting your establishment amid the crisp, shortening days of autumn. Read on for a bit of inspiration as the calendar turns toward that delicious–and emphasis on delicious—time of fall!

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Kitchen Design Trends from Miami Beach Restaurant Group

These days, open kitchens have become commonplace in restaurants: at their best, a wonderful draw that allows customers to peek behind the curtain and watch the very food they’re enjoying being prepared by skillful culinary artisans. Depending on the establishment, however, this trend may or may not be the best choice. Here are a few considerations on the potential pluses and minuses of the open kitchen!

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