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Serve The Right Portion Size from Florida Restaurant Group

Every dollar counts and every detail counts in the restaurant industry, and of course those two factors aren’t unrelated. Seemingly insignificant issues easy to ignore amid all the busyness and complexity of day-to-day operations can add up to major bites taken out of your bottom line, and conversely small tweaks and changes in procedure can ramify into significant savings.

Portion size is a clear example of this phenomenon, and the focus of our post today here at the V&E Restaurant Group blog.

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Environmentally Friendly Restaurant Design Trends in Miami, FL

From individuals to small businesses to giant corporations, more and more of us are realizing the need to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and business practices with an eye toward lightening our environmental footprint and protecting the natural resources and ecosystems that sustain us.

Restaurants can most definitely do their part by pursuing more environmentally friendly protocols and designs. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that!

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Rise of Craft Beer Popularity at Miami Beach Restaurants

Craft beer—that is, beer produced in relatively small quantities by an independent brewery—has enjoyed an amazing surge in popularity over the past several decades, and the upward trend continues at a healthy clip.

The sustained growth in the popularity of craft beers comes when major mass-market brewers are seeing a decline in revenues, and when per capita beer consumption is actually decreasing in the United States.

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Tips to Increase Your Restaurant Social Media Presence

In the early days of the Internet, it was enough for a restaurant to have a website. These days, of course, it’s nearly impossible to effectively set yourself apart from the crowd without maintaining one or more social-media profiles for your establishment. Today at the V&E blog, we thought we’d offer up just a few basic tips for increasing your online profile as a restaurant or bar.

First, though, let’s quickly underscore the importance of being active over social media for any business…

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Summer Dining Trends from Miami Restaurant Group

Summer’s just around the corner—here in Miami, actually, it’s already here—and to celebrate we’re taking a look at a few of the major trends afoot in dining habits and the restaurant industry itself. Let’s dive in!

Plant-based Foods

We already noted this particular trend in a recent V&E blogpost, but it’s worth re-emphasizing given how significantly vegetarian and otherwise plant-based fare is expanding in popularity. Chefs and diners alike are exploring just how diverse and dynamic this huge corner of the culinary arena can be, with meatless dishes that go far beyond simple salads or roasted vegetables.

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Promoting Events at Your Miami Beach Restaurant

Holding events—whether weekly festivities or one-off occasions—is a great way to draw customers to your restaurant. That’s not exactly breaking news, but you’d be surprised how many dining establishments stick to a basic script and forego these sorts of special happenings and promotions.

Without question everyday quality of cuisine and service and a welcoming atmosphere are the foundations of restaurant success, but you might consider increasing your profile by marketing events and deals as well. Here are some general thoughts on how to promote events at your eatery!

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Fine Dining Trends at Miami Beach Restaurant Group

Here at the V&E Restaurant Group blog, we recently shared some of the trending technological directions of the dining industry. Today we thought we’d pull back a little for a broader focus on general, all-around trends in fine dining—a subject area we naturally keep close tabs on as we manage our popular and varied eateries in the U.S. and Mexico.

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Group Dining Tips from Mexico & Florida Restaurants

Dining out with friends and/or family can be a blast: It can also be surprisingly stressful, given the logistics involved. Here at V&E Restaurant Group, our Miami, Las Vegas, and Mexican eateries commonly host large parties—many are beautifully set up for group dining, including private affairs.

We thought we’d share some basic group-dining etiquette and wisdom to make planning that communal meal out—whether a birthday party, a goodbye bash, a business feed, or any other context—smoother and less anxiety-inducing. Read more

Top Technology Trends in Miami Restaurant Industry

From smart gadgets to virtual reality, today’s technology continues to transform our world at mindboggling speed. Those transformations certainly extend into the restaurant industry, where they’re changing the way owners manage their business, staff learn their operations, and customers engage with a dining establishment.

Here at V&E Restaurant Group, we’re of course keenly interested in the technological trends impacting eateries and eager to adopt those that improve efficiency, quality, and patron satisfaction. Today at the V&E blog, we thought we’d round up a few of the most exciting developments. Most of these have been gleaned from a great Fast Casual roundup by Niall Keane from last year, which we encourage you to read.

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Tips for Ordering Drinks at South Florida & Vegas Restaurants

Here at V&E Restaurant Group, we run a whole family of eateries at which no shortage of adult beverages are served to go along with some creative and dynamic international cuisine. We’re fully aware that some customers find the prospect of ordering a drink—especially up at the bar itself—a little intimidating.

You might worry about sounding uneducated about the world of spirits or wine or craft beer. You might find the jampacked, elbow-to-elbow crowd and a super-busy bartender a daunting sight. Or perhaps you’re on the pickier side of things when it comes to your tipple, and you’re skeptical of a particular establishment’s mixological selection and prowess.

Well, to help assuage some of your fears and arm you with a few strategies, we thought we’d put together a few very basic tips for ordering a drink at a bar. Read on, and then come wet your whistle at one of our Miami or Vegas restaurants!

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