Latest news about V&E (Vida and Estilo) Restaurant Group.

V&E Restaurant Group Goes Greener!

No doubt about it: It’s easy to pass off “green” as some buzzword, and “going green” as a vague sort of bandwagon. But when we’re talking about environmental awareness, sustainability, and taking actionable steps to limit our ecological footprint for the good of humankind and the rest of the planet—well, a green approach is very much something to aspire to.

More and more restaurants are going green, a positive trend that can have a massive impact given the size and scale of the dining industry. Here at V & E Restaurant Group, we’re undergoing the same process, exploring ways large and small we can lighten our environmental impact. Read more

The History of Espanola Way & Miami Beach

Two of the fantastic Miami-area restaurants we manage here at V & E lie along one of the most fabled thoroughfares in South Beach: Espanola Way. Dining at Tapas y Tintos, our Spanish tapas and paella hotspot, or Mercato della Pescheria, our Italian seafood restaurant, you’ll get to soak up all the history and the absolutely one-of-a-kind ambience of the first commercial stretch of Miami Beach. Read more

Employment Branding & Career Opportunities with Vida & Estilo

Since 1985, V&E Restaurant Group has owned and/or operated better than 30 successful eateries: a great variety of cuisines and locations, but each and every one of them embodying our commitment to a “lifestyle” dining experience.

We’ve forged our reputation—and a great deal of our business success—on this across-the-board experiential concept, the notion that exquisitely prepared food and exquisitely curated drinks should come reinforced by an engaging, cohesive, and distinctive ambience. A V&E restaurant’s spirit isn’t only fully on display on the plate: It’s also embodied in the artwork, the music, the landscaping outside—and certainly the service.

That guiding philosophy—captured, too, in the name of our company (Vida and Estilo translates as “Life and Style”)—delights our patrons and inspires both our partners and our employees. And it’s a mission you can be a part of by cultivating a career with V&E Restaurant Group!

Wide-Ranging Locations & Restaurant Identities: Part of the Appeal of a V&E Restaurant Group Career

A career with V&E Restaurant Group means working at some of the most dynamic restaurants in two world-famous American cities—Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada—as well as across Mexico, including numerous branches in the exciting and vibrant Mexico City metro area. The cuisines cover a lot of ground, and each of our establishments comes with its own singular identity and appeal.

An Employee-Focused Company

Ours is a company that truly believes each and every employee contributes something valuable—not just valuable, essential. Just as our conception of a perfect restaurant demands a holistic system of building blocks—from the thoughtfully chosen cuisine and menu to each and every element of ambience—our vision for V&E Restaurant Group thrives off the contributions of all who work for us and with us.

Join the V&E Restaurant Group family, and you’ll enjoy a stimulating work environment and a world-class introduction to the culinary profession—or a fabulous advancement of your skills and experience in the industry.

Experience the “Life & Style” of V&E Restaurant Group

Whether it’s La Cerveceria de Barrio, Burger Bar Joint, Tapas y Tintos, or Café Americano or one of our restaurants in Las Vegas or Miami, we hope you’ll consider a rewarding career with V&E Restaurant Group. We’ve love to have you as part of our family: providing you with the opportunity to contribute to our “lifestyle”-focused dining establishments, and at the same turn reaping the benefits of your talent and dedication!

We invite you to explore our job openings here at V&E Restaurant Group, and to reach out with any and all inquiries.

Upcoming La Cerveceria de Barrio, History & First Opening in the US

Here at Vida & Estilo (V&E) Restaurant Group, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the forthcoming opening of a brand-new Mexican eatery of ours here in Miami: La Cerveceria de Barrio!

The restaurant (which loosely translates to “Neighborhood Brewery”) is the very first stateside location of our very successful La Cerveceria de Barrio chain in Mexico, and we think Miamians (and, of course, any and all hungry and thirsty visitors to this great South Florida metropolis) are going to love the place!

Introducing La Cerveceria di Barrio
La Cerveceria de Barrio is a warm, welcoming, unpretentious watering hole inspired by Mexico’s traditional seafood markets. Here you can enjoy home-style Mexican comfort food along with ice-cold craft beer and cocktails, all in a merry and laidback atmosphere.

The first La Cerveceria de Barrio opened back in 2006 in La Condesa, one of the hippest and most dynamic neighborhoods in Mexico City. Today we run many different branches—from Alameda and Centro Santa Fe to Coyoacán and San Luis Potosí—across the capital city metro area and beyond.

Now we’re going to treat Miami to the La Cerveceria de Barrio experience, a thrilling first expansion north of the border that will augment the other vivacious restaurants we run in the city, from Mercado Della Pescheria to Tapas y Tintos.

Great Food, Great Beer at La Cerveceria di Barrio
From fresh fish to tacos, tostadas, ensaladas, and empanadas, the food menu at La Cerveceria de Barrio is as crowd-pleasing as they come. Well-crafted Mexican comfort fare, with a strong focus on seafood, defines our cuisine, and it comes backed up by a broad array of libations: excellent Mexican and international craft beer, the Mexican beer “cocktails” known as micheladas, margaritas and other cocktails, and plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic options as well.

Delicious appetizers and entrees, drinks for every palate: You’re going to love the flavors at La Cerveceria de Barrio. You’re also going to love the atmosphere, taking its spirit from the convivial and warm-spirited Mexican seafood market as well as the down-home charm of a neighborhood tavern. We want this to be one of Miami’s go-to locals-friendly hangouts!

Join Us at the First U.S. Location of La Cerveceria de Barrio!
We hope you’ll join us here in Miami for our latest venture here at V&E Restaurant Group: the opening of our very first U.S. La Cerveceria de Barrio branch: Come enjoy an irresistible menu and lively atmosphere previously restricted to south of the border!