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El Guapo Aka The Handsome

Best Hotels & South Beach.

Trip101 is an online travel guide that highlights the best accommodations thru hotels, vacation rentals & things to do around the world featuring top cities like Miami.

Sarah Eunice Lara, a creative travel writer, has recently compiled a list via Trip101 with the Best 9 Hotels with private pools recommended for travelers: ”Sometimes, a chill day by the hotel pool can be just what the doctor ordered. If a slow day is more your style…” – Sarah wrote.

#1 on the list is Hotel Breakwater, home of our Cuban Cuisine Havana 1957 South Beach with notes of uniqueness as described by the author: “For freshly cooked meals, you may visit the on-site Havana 1957 to relish some authentic Cuban dishes”

Havana 1957 Breakwater has recently been listed under the Best Sandwiches of America via Restaurant Hospitality, thanks to El guapo aka the Handsome sandwich created by Chef Yunior Perez.

El Guapo Aka The Handsome

El Guapo Aka The Handsome

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HERE is the Full List wit the Best 9 Hotels Private Pools

The Best Sandwiches of 2022

Latin influence, vegetables and handheld versions of traditional dishes show operators’ creativity.

Sandwiches — convenient, versatile and usually affordable — remain a staple of the American diet, and Restaurant Hospitality’s Best Sandwiches competition remains a popular attraction, drawing some of the smartest independent restaurant operators who in turn provide inspiration for the industry as a whole.

As RH’s editors pored over the entries this year, we spotted a few notable trends. For one thing, vegetables are taking center stage with numerous handhelds, such as the char-grilled broccolini sandwich at Heritage in Long Beach, Calif., which offers its customers a meatless version of the classic Reuben, or the hash grilled cheese at Brekkie Shack in Columbus, Ohio, where a blend of sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and radishes are at the heart of the sandwich.

Then there are the mashups, like the candied bacon tomato grilled cheese sandwich at Daddy Mac’s Down Home in Asheville, N.C., which has elements of a BLT and a Caprese salad, and the antipasto sandwich at Big Parm in Tustin, Calif., which as the name implies is a platter’s worth of Italian meat, cheese and vegetables on a roll.

Elegance — creating delicious meals but with restraint — are on display with The Glendale at Breadlam in Los Angeles, and with the subtle chicken club croissant at District South Kitchen & Craft in Tampa, Fla.

There’s plenty of Latino influence on sandwiches these days, such as the Torta Ahogada at MX Taco in Orlando., Fla., where the sandwich is literally drowned (ahogada in Spanish) in spicy tomato sauce, or the barbacoa melt at Toasted, also in Orlando.

At Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine in Miami, the El Guapo, which means “the handsome,” is a striking Cubano-style sandwich, but with the Brazilian beef cut picanha.

El Guapo

Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine

Miami Beach, Fl

Price: $19.57

Ingredients: Roasted picanha beef, cream cheese chimichurri sauce, guacamole and roasted tomatoes pressed in Cuban bread topped with butter

Creator: Yunior Perez

Description: The picanha is the juicy cap of meat on a beef sirloin that is a popular cut in churrasco cooking. Here it’s used as the heart of this handsome and hearty sandwich, where it’s paired with its natural condiment, chimichurri, but enhanced with cream cheese as well as guacamole. Roasted tomatoes round out this South Florida Cubano-style sandwich that reflects flavors from different parts of Latin America.

Read on to learn more about this year’s winners of the Best Sandwiches competition, including one based on chicken and waffle, a crispy pork sandwich and a zippy porchetta.

Opening restaurants during challenging times

Sometimes it’s better to go forward instead of waiting for conditions to improve.

Opening new restaurants during inflation, labor shortages and supply-chain disruptions—not to mention a global pandemic—might seem like a questionable strategy, but for some the timing turned out to be perfect. Overcoming challenges can make a business stronger, more adaptable and resilient.

That’s what executives at V&E Restaurant Group found as the company opened four of its 19 restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis. Company leaders say they never considered delaying any of these grand openings.

“Expansion plans were no strangers to our organization by the end of 2019,” says Matías Pesce, CEO of the Miami-based company. “Postponing was not an option.”

Slow growth, then fast growth 

Vida & Estilo (Life and Style in Spanish) Restaurant Group opened its first location, Oh! Mexico Restaurant, in 1997 on Miami Beach. The restaurant attracts visitors and locals looking for authentic Mexican fare in an area better known for Cuban cuisine. The company expanded slowly at first, and over the years added concepts including Havana 1957, which offers Cuban Cuisine and the experience and glamor of Cuba in the 1950s. Today there are five locations of Havana 1957 in Miami.

The company continued growing in Miami, adding Mercato della Pescheria, La Cerveceria de Barrio, Barsecco and others. V&E also opened locations of Mercato della Pescheria & Café Americano in Las Vegas. When 2020 dawned, the restaurant group had plans to open four more restaurants. Then the pandemic forced the temporary closure of all concepts, and the delay of the planned openings of these new establishments.

Finding a bright spot 

Undeterred, V&E opted to remain focused on the task of opening the new units. The team worked closely with general contractors, maintained close contact with permitting and other city functions, and improved communication with landlords.

One positive result of the disruption was that good locations became available due to closures by other brands. Armed with strong financials, V&E jumped at these opportunities. “We have no longterm debt and are self-financed so not being leveraged allowed us to navigate through that period much better than if we were,” says Chief Financial Officer Albert Llodra. “We were confident that it was a moment to take advantage of available locations and invest in infrastructure upgrades in a moment that it cost us less money to do so.”

Adapting to new issues

Today the industry faces different challenges, such as labor issues. Many workers have exited the food service industry, so V&E focuses on being the employer of choice. “With the tight labor market, we need to create stronger brand awareness to bring great talent onboard,” Pesce says. “We want the workers who love this industry and remained to know we are the better option for them.”

The group offers a career path for employees so they know they can start as a dishwasher and work their way up to management. “We reinforce a culture of continuous improvement throughout the whole company to better meet the challenges that may arise,” Pesce says.

Price inflation and supply constraints

One way to succeed in the face of today’s obstacles is to rely on data analysis. Each department within the V&E corporate structure produces resources that are internally exchanged and analyzed. That makes for deliberate, thoughtful decision-making, a crucial element in times of crisis.

“No matter how many restaurants you have opened, every opening should be considered from zero,” Pesce says. “You want to go as fast as you can, but you need to go step by step.” The common goal, he says, is to advance V&E Restaurant Group’s concepts and brands and to retain staff.

The strategy worked, and since 2020 V&E has opened several successful restaurants. Marabu Coal Fired Cuban Cuisine is open at Brickell City Center, and PaperFish Sushi Bar is now located on the site of a previous nightclub. Café Americano, featuring American classic fare with a Latin twist, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and now has two locations in Miami and two in Las Vegas. Also newly opened are two locations of Cortadito Coffee House, a cozy coffeeshop and bakery, an avant-garde coffee shop ventanita style with food stations. 

Pesce says the team’s vision and adaptability enables V&E Restaurant Group to continue its success. “The willingness of doing it better may never stop, but you need to adapt and revisit everything,” he says. “We’re still learning. Like a breathing document, every day there is a new thing to learn.”

V&E Restaurant Group is still expanding, with plans to open six more operations this year in Miami: Oh! Mexico Taco Shop on Ocean Drive, News Café on Ocean Drive, Cafe Americano Diner at Brickell City Center, Paperfish Sushi Bar on Espanola Way and two Cortadito Coffee House locations in Miami.


Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami

According to Ocean Drive Magazine: “Cuban sandwiches are the bread and butter of Miami’s culinary offerings…” Amen to that.

The American luxury lifestyle and fashion magazine that covers “trends on fashion, beauty, art, travel, real estate, and entertainment” and also food & drink has listed the eight must-try Florida number one sammies.
Compiled by Alexa Shabinsky, the list of the Where to go To Get The Best Cuban Sandwich In Miami features our very own Havana 1957.

Where to: Havana 1957

Also the Full List HERE


Miami’s independent source of local news and culture has released this year “Best in Show”, issue featuring the best of the best in the city. From all things Best Dog to Arts, Entertainment and literally ALL you can do and find in Miami the list compiled by 21 writers also features the Readers Choice Best of that in terms of WHERE to EAT has a great variety to share across cuisines in Miami Beach & Brickell.

Here is a quick link to the Best & some reasons why to stop by during your next visit to Miami Beach & Brickell.



La Cerveceria de Barrio

Green Aguachile

Because: Green Aguachile is a signature, it has shrimp marinated in lime juice, serrano pepper, cucumber and red onion. Available Spicy or No picante.
Also: in the Mexican Ceviche style category, Black Aguachiles with burnt Serrano pepper, red onion and garlic, lime juice, Maggi sauce & Worcestershire sauce.
As well: The Tuna ceviche with tamarind sauce & the green ceviche with white fish, cilantro and jalapeno sauce.

Where to:




Cortadito Coffee House

Cortadito Meridian

Cortadito Meridian

Because: It is an avant-garde coffee shop ventanita style with food stations, Cuban coffee, smoothies, coffee drinks, sandwiches & pastelitos.
Also: The new APP makes it all easier for the all- online consumers.
As well: There are a great variety of Cuban bowls called completas, from breakfast to dinner, from Cuba with love.

Where to:
Miami Beach – for now!




Cuatro Leches

Marabu Mojito


Because: Desserts here like Cuatro Leches are well recommended by TripAdvisor reviewers
Luxury_Lindsey: “Pro-Tip: Save room for dessert! Marabú put their own fresh spin on a classic postre with the Cuatro Leches, a perfect balance of rich cake, milk, ice cream, with a light touch of fire to brûlée the whipped cream”Also: Signature Marabú Mojito is an innovation to the cocktail categories. Hint! Foam
As well: Cuban Coal Fired cuisine feels super right when you need an away from home good time.

Where to: Brickell City Center



Mercato Della Pescheria

Cacio e Pepe

Because: It is home to Cacio e Pepe with tableside service where this yummy on the eye pasta is served about 5 times everyday.
Also: Jumbo shrimp scampi are incredibly popular here.
As well: Located on Española Way, makes dining out so perfect that you feel in Europe.



Paperfish Sushi


Because: 50% out of Top 10 sellers & popular dishes are Signature.
Also: PaperFish cocktails are refreshingly on the favorite side of guests.
As well: Even if someone is paying, Paperfish focuses on value-priced sushi delights.

Check the Full List BOM “Best in Show”


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The Most photogenic beach of the world is Miami Beach & Three of the most photogenic hotels are in Las Vegas

The new edition of the 2022 Instagram travel guide, created by Infiki, looked at hundreds of places including hotels, beaches, restaurants, parks & found the most Instagrammable locations for every type of traveller

How did they do it? The methodology around the guide included the refresh of the previous list of 2020 and also considered the rankings plus providing fresh inspiration to prospective travelers. Infiki created hashtags for each location that were then searched on Instagram, with the total number of posts for each being recorded, which allowed them to rank the different locations based on the number of posts and ultimately revealing the most popular destinations on Instagram across a range of categories. 

Here is the quick guide to the Beautiful & Best: 

BEACHES. Miami Beach, home of 12 VE locations including Mercato della Pescheria, Havana 1957, La Cerveceria de Barrio, Cortadito Coffee House, Cafe Americano & Oh! Mexico, ranks #1 out of 50 of the most popular & photogenic beaches in the world, based on over 15M instagram posts.

HOTELS. And about the top 50 hotels around the world, Caesars Palace where our very own Cafe Americano is located ranks in #3 with over 1.5M instagram posts this year followed by the Venetian Resort at #7 with over 270K posts and the home of another VE restaurant, Mercato della Pescheria at St Marks Square. 

The list also includes parks & skylines, of which Las Vegas ranking #22 #vegasskyline with over 18K posts. 

Get the Full List / Link HERE

F1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 & Havana 1957

F1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 & Havana 1957


Haute Living, the leading network of luxury lifestyle publications, recently released the full guide of restaurants included along the 19 turns street-track spectacular circuit for Miami’s first-time F1 Miami Grand Prix

The list compiled by lifestyle writer Adrienne Faroute is rich in details about the impressive culinary spots across the Hard Rock Stadium Campus of which two clubs, one district, the fountains, mia marina & three campuses, one East, one South and the North Campus by Gainbridge that among the attractions will have the North Beach Food Hall  (view Campus Map) where our very own and legendary Havana 1957 will be delighting speed-race fans during the 3 days event serving the iconic plus huge Cuban Sandwich & the Havana 1957 Bowls aka Completas with flavourful combinations of white rice, black beans, sweet plantains with Ropa Vieja, Lechon Asado & even the Meatless Bowl where black beans meet balsamic tomatoes.

The F1 weekend culinary uniqueness will bring together traditional, sexy, glamour & real-Miami with 30+ of the very BEST dining establishments & food trucks will Hola Miami! for the next 10 years, amazing patrons, Yes! This will be hot.  

What else is good to know?
Havana 1957, has 5 locations of which four in Miami Beach from Espanola Way to Lincoln Road and two on Ocean Drive and, closer to the Hard Rock Stadium, is Havana 1957 Pembroke Pines at the Shops of Pembroke Gardens. 

Live Entertaintment? Show & Dinner? Yes, of course.
Take a look at Ocean Drive & Pembroke Pines

What’s trendy? Try Passion Fruit Mojito


Passion Fruit Mojito









Get the Full List of the Best in F1 / Link HERE



IHRSA’s International Convention in Miami Beach & Havana 1957.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association is a global community of health and fitness professionals that will be hosting IHRSA’s International Convention & Trade Show for the first time at the Miami Beach Convention Center from June 22-24. 

According to Sami Smith, Communications and Public Relations assistance for IHSRA, in a recent article published by FitBizWeekly, the schedule of events will include more than 300 exhibitors, 90 educational sessions, roundtables and panels: “The 2022 convention will focus on shaping the future of the fitness industry and moving forward together”.

The article also features some prominent cuisine & refreshments including the most vibrant rooftops, the Cuban influences in the dining scenery & some delicious grab n go in South Beach. 

Who’s included in the prominent cuisine list?  Our very own Havana 1957, and quote:
Miami Beach is widely known for its Cuban influence. Havana 1957 glamorizes the glory of old Cuba from the 1950s offering traditional Cuban cuisine at its three Miami Beach locations. The menu consists of croquetas and rellenos, plantains, and more delicious Cuban bites. If you stop in, be sure to end your meal with a decadent guava cheesecake.

What else is good to know?
Havana 1957, has 5 locations of which 4 in Miami Beach from Espanola Way to Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. And 1 in Broward County (Pembroke Pines).
Also, the Mojitos are a must-try during any visit, paired with a Cuban Sandwich.
NEW! On the Menu are the Havana Bowls with traditional Cuban food.

About One fruity Mojito recommendation? Go Passion Fruit

Read the Full Article / Link is HERE

Miami’s Best Cuban Restaurants (

Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences for those who visit the city is to taste the incredible and varied Cuban gastronomy that promises an experience like no other. And everyone who visits Miami has to go to at least one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami that we have featured in this list.


701 S Miami Ave Brickell City Center 4th Floor / Website

Located in the Brickell City Center, this popular restaurant homages Cuban culture and takes inspiration from the Cuban provincial cities of Camagüey and Pinar del Rio in its decoration and overall ambiance. The restaurant’s handmade food brings Cuban countryside dishes to the table with bursts of smokey, rich flavors from its charcoal cooking. Similarly, the cuisine features a diverse menu that includes large-format meats, rices, veggies, and seafood like tostones rellenos, truffle yuca fries, and empanadas. It features traditional dishes like Lechon Asado (roasted pork), Picadillo A La Habanera (Cuban ground beef stew), Ropa Vieja (marinated flank steak), and more. Desserts like four leches and Cuban pudding can be paired with a Cuban cafecito (coffee). A sleek Havana-inspired bar takes center stage, serving a selection of hand-picked traditional Cuban drinks with a modern twist like the classics mojito and daiquiri or the Marabu Mule’s, a restaurant’s creation, and others. This is one fabulous spot you will not want to miss.


1410 Ocean Drive / Website

This popular destination, which has several locations across the city, will make you feel like you were in Havana and relive the glamor of old Cuba from the 50s through a fantastic gastronomic experience like no other. Inside, its decor is inspired by Cuba with red and yellow tones and lots of leather and wood that will create a great ambiance typical of Cuba. Here you will find typical dishes such as Garlic Shrimp, Cuban Fried Pork Chunks, a Cuban Sampler, and more. Also, breakfast items like the famous Cuban Tortilla (omelette), midnight sandwich, or the typical Cuban lunch boxes offer soups, salads, or main dishes and their delicious side; a varied menu. And, don’t forget to try their delicious drinks like fruity mojitos, Cuba Libre rum, signature cocktails like the Habana Cosmo, and others. You have to visit a place, and when you are satisfied, you can walk along the famous Ocean Drive.

source: Miami’s Best Cuban Restaurants


Eater Miami knows where the best pancakes in town are and Cafe Americano is on the list.

According to writer Juliana Accioly, about where to indulge in pancakes around Miami: “is dotted with restaurants ready to please all tastebuds with heaping plates of sweet and savory options, served with a wide range of mix-ins and creative toppings…”

From Wynwood to downtown Miami & obviously Miami Beach, the Eater Miami list includes the best 10 options to try now. 

Who’s on the List?  Our very own Cafe Americano’s golden & fluffy house-made buttermilk pancakes that are actually served in a forever breakfast mode, aka All Day Brunch, which basically means that from breakfast to lunch, all day thru 5pm.

What else is good to know? That our delicious pancakes are also available at Cafe Americano at the Redbury Hotel on Collins Avenue (Miami Beach) & if you are travelling to Las Vegas, you will find them at our open 24 hours Cafe Americano locations at Caesars Palace & Paris Las Vegas.

Check the Top 10 full List? / Link is HERE