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Keys to the City – Miami Beach

Friday, August 6, 6pm-8pm – Café Americano Ocean Drive, 1144 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

Friend and family joined in celebrating the Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group, who have served South Beach for over 25 years through restaurants like Café Americano Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, as they are awarded the Keys to the City of Miami Beach by Commissioner Michael Gongora. Café Americano Ocean Drive hosted the celebration on the restaurant’s outdoor patio on the second floor, which overlooks Ocean Drive with breathtaking oceanfront views.

Commemorating this momentous occasion for V&E Restaurant Group while imbibing in some of Café Americano’s specialty cocktails from the open bar from tropical favorites like the Margarita and Mojito to popular martinis like the Blueberry Lemon Drop, and the Watermelon Martini, and American classics like the Negroni and Old Fashioned. A selection of wine and beer will also be available to be paired with passed hors devours. Perfectly reflecting the restaurant’s popular comfort food menu items with a Latin twist, passed bites will include Beef Sliders, Tuna Tartare, Chicken Quesadillas, Ceviche Cups, Tomato Bruschetta, and Cuban Mini Sandwiches.

Source: Soflanights – Café Americano’s Keys to the City of Miami Beach Cocktail Party

Emerging From A Pandemic: Issues Impacting Hotel Restaurants

By Matias Pesce CEO, V&E Restaurant Group

When someone asks me what the difference is in terms of operations between a restaurant that is based in a hotel, versus one located in a shopping mall or even just another place on the street, the short answer is honestly nothing.

This is exactly the case of Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group, where we have multiple brands and concepts located both inside and outside of hotels. This includes the Cafe Americano brand, a diner concept serving American fare with a Latin twist, with four full-service restaurants currently in operation at hotels in Las Vegas (at Caesars Palace and the Paris Hotel) as well as Miami,  Florida (in the Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive and Redbury South Beach Hotel on Collins Avenue).

As of 2021, the Vida & Estilo Group, which translates to Lifestyle in English, has 61% of its total operations (which accounts for 18 restaurants)  based in hotels.

At a glance, in order to launch and maintain a successful restaurant inside of a hotel you need a combination of experience as well as factors including:

  • offering an attractive menu variety including an all day breakfast and/or brunch option;
  • being able to maintain a fluid 24/7 culinary operation including room service;
  • creating an overall look and feel within the venue to establish the desired ambiance;

Any restaurant business model can be well suited for a hotel based operation depending on the hotel’s needs. One such model that highly compliments most hotel operations very well  are high traffic venues with 24hour offerings, and 60% of those being focused on breakfast as well as the ability to also provide room service to guests staying in the hotel.

A good breakfast offering is absolutely one of the most valued amenities searched for by travelers when selecting a hotel for a leisure vacation or even a quick business  trip. The comfort of having a reliable and delicious meal waiting for guests steps away from their room or just a phone call away via room service is a huge amenity after a long day of sightseeing or at the end of a business day.

Then of course when you add to that the ability of serving breakfast items throughout the day with an all day breakfast model, plus being able to have dinner at any time with a late-night dining menu or a 24-hour full service operation, the formula for a successful hotel resident restaurant  blends together with the hotel’s culinary goals perfectly.

In terms of hospitality food and beverage protocols, both hotel and resident restaurants must adhere to most, if not all, of exactly the same standards. Going back to room service, that is a particular area that exists almost exclusively in hotel restaurants or restaurants that anchor hotel lobbies, like Cafe Americano for example. Not to mention that the room occupancy projections provided by the hotel have a direct impact on the staffing and planning for every hotel restaurant’s daily operations.

Looking back before the pandemic delivery services used to account for between 15% to 20% of any given full service restaurant. But as everything shifted, the off-premise delivery components, which was already a growing segment, played a huge role  during the pandemic, as all restaurants and hotels closed for dine-in activities. As of today, it has continued to grow exponentially, and there is no question that it is here to stay, though no secret is that the hospitality industry as a whole is not only recovering but perhaps, maybe a better choice of words would be to say that the industry is in resurgence mode.

For hotel restaurants, third party delivery services may not be a major influencer or driver, while take-out might be the bigger driver in combination with or as an extension to the room service/room charge variant.

Back to the business model for a hotel resident restaurant, and taking the example of Cafe Americano, which launched three new locations during the pandemic. This model offers 24-hour operations and anchors the hotel’s lobby serving all day brunch in areas of no less than 4,000/5,000 square feet with a seating capacity of 250-300 guests and an estimate of 20 MD year sales.

In March of 2020, life as we all know it completely changed due to COVID-19. Governments around the world declared public health emergencies and here in the United States those were followed by an Executive Order less than a month later restricting activities to those deemed as essential services. Hotels announced that they were closing and for many businesses like V&E Restaurant Group, and its hotel resident restaurants, as well as for so many similar operators in cities across the globe, there was only one thing to do, shut down all operations.

About six months into the pandemic, on September 25, 2020, the Florida governor issued an order that effectively nullified public health measures and prohibited local governments from imposing fines or shutting down businesses for violations of mask mandates. Restaurants were also able to immediately reopen at full capacity and the Governor’s order restricted local governments from ordering restaurants to operate at less than half-capacity.

For any hotel resident restaurant with expansion plans, looking back again at the example of Cafe Americano, the first two months of 2020 would have represented the official opening of the second location at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This only occurred later in June 2020 when the hotel announced the reopening of restaurants and bars, as well as the pool, casino floor, and more.

The restaurant at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas initially opened from 6 a.m. to noon daily. A few months later, the operating hours extended to 11 p.m. and eventually to the restaurant model’s full 24 hours as initially planned. This hotel’s 95,000 square foot casino fully reopened in May 2021.

Caesars Palace, an 85 acre resort on the Las Vegas Strip with six towers and about 4,000 rooms , is the home of the first operating Cafe Americano, which opened inFebruary 2015 in partnership with Caesars Entertainment. Back in June 2020, the hotel announced that they were also reopening post-COVID closure with limited operations. It was only later in May 2021 that the resort announced that their casinos are back to full capacity following the reopening  and not only fully but without social distancing. At this particular location the Terraza area, by the main lobby entrance, is one of the best and well equipped outdoor dining areas in the whole town, which is where Cafe Americano is based.

Back in Miami Beach, Florida, hospitality groups like V&E Restaurant Group and perhaps others have been dealing with a slightly different situation that has greatly impacted other expansion opportunities. The Magic City has been reportedly emerging as a new tech hub, as seen in the media recently.

Throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021 some very high-profile investors moved to South Florida, and Miami started to get national recognition as a great place to achieve maximum work-life balance. Also more and more people from shut down cities such as San Francisco and New York, especially those from the tech world started to make the move and relocate to the Miami area. Millionaires, billionaires, well known finance firms and celebrities moved to the city with the best weather, no state income tax, ocean front properties and business friendly political leaders.

Opening Cafe Americano in Miami Beach, where V&E Restaurant Group also operates over 10 other restaurant brands, has been something that we have been considering for a while, particularly for the breakfast segment’s lack of variety in the city.

The opening of both Cafe Americano locations in Miami Beach, both at the Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive, which has 91 hotel rooms and the boutique Redbury South Beach Hotel on Collins Avenue, which has 69 rooms, had been planned for 2020, but then paused due to the pandemic and ultimately supported by the exceptional hotel partnerships with both Victor Hotel Management Company and SBE Entertainment Group.

Headlines listing Miami as the next hot tech hub as well as stories about Miami being a great place to do business absolutely enhanced these two openings and have positively impacted sales, though Miami Beach restrictions combined by current staffing shortage crisis have not permitted the Miami restaurant concepts to run under the 24 hour model.

The bottom line is that when looking at potential issues impacting restaurants that reside in hotels versus non residency, we can say that there are no significant differences. One thing  to point out is that adherence to hotel food and beverage protocols is something of great importance for resident restaurants, though these protocols are not entirely different from any food and beverage protocols found in hospitality services in general.

At all times, hygiene and sanitation obligations shall be in compliance with the hotel standard and operation. There also might be some added steps, such as signage or specific installations and decorations that will have to always be approved by the hotel on top of any other city or local permit process.

Another very important aspect to mention is the restaurant compatibility and technology adaptability, which translates to services such as room charges, so that the resident hotel gets integrated within the guest experience. Compatibility for this particular operation means to adhere to any existing technology the hotel runs and/or assuring that any new software that the restaurant brings on board, will also have to be compatible.

Retaining key talent is of great importance for any hotel restaurant due to the particularity of the operations. In terms of overall staffing and training there are additional relevant areas to cover in this kind of operation versus others, including room service for example.

In other words, the resident hotel restaurant must blend into the hotel experience in order  to greatly impact the customer’s overall hotel stay and/or visit to the hotel and its restaurants.

Although the Cafe Americano brand vision may not always be the  hotel resident operation, as seen in the Las Vegas examples, the truth is that the overall restaurant formula has greatly impacted the enhancement of the guest experience at all of its hotel partners by providing excellent food and top-class customer service. Making it particularly attractive to hotel operators.

Source: Hotel Executive – Emerging From A Pandemic: Issues Impacting Hotel Restaurants

Paperfish Sushi has a surprise around every corner

Everything at Paperfish Sushi in Brickell is meant to be beautiful. Enter through the red torii gates, which definitely take you away from the pavement of South Miami Avenue and 14th Street where the restaurant is hidden (in an alley east of Barsecco and west of Novacento). It’s difficult to find it at first, but once you get in, you’ve entered another world.

Inside, a large screen on the back wall shows black and white “day in the life” clips of Japan – children eating, people walking, talking, and it plays on a continuous reel. Pink cherry blossom trees separate one dining area from another and large scrolls with Japanese writing cover another wall.

Paperfish bravely opened in the midst of the pandemic in April 2021, but that’s where the roots of the restaurant were born.

V&E Restaurant Group (Barsecoo, Café Americano, Miami Beach Italian seafood restaurant Mercato della Pescheria, Marabu in Brickell City Centre, and others) along with Fabric Group LATAM added Paperfish to its portfolio.

The head chef of Paperfish Sushi, Giovanni Ruiz, is a native of Lima, Peru, who got his start working in the family butcher shop, eventually went to culinary school there, and ended up in Miami in 2012. He worked at a number of restaurants here, including La Mar by Gaston Acurio, where he honed the craft of Nikkei – a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

During the pandemic, he started entertaining friends and family by creating private Omakase dinners, which usually begin with light bites and then move into larger plates. In traditional omakase, guests allow the chef to create for them rather than select their food.

So, that’s what we did.

Tucked away Paperfish had a surprise around every corner.

Cocktails were the first order of the day (or evening, in this case).

We were given the Cucuzaki, a beautiful purple drink, decorated with flowers and made with Japanese gin, flower infused sake, elderflower liqueur, sugar, Yuzu juice, which is usually used in ponzu sauce for dipping sushi, and a slice of cucumber, which was thinly sliced and hovered along the ice in the drink.

The Hanami Champagne was another amazing delight served in a Champagne flute, also decorated with small, fresh flowers on the outside of the glass. Made with Japanese Haku vodka, basil, strawberry, agave nectar, sparkling sake, strawberry, and once again, Yuzu juice, the drink presentation was pretty, the taste, prettier.

Then it was the signature drink of the house. Spectacular in its presentation, the Wasabi martini, made with, of course, wasabi, Japanese vodka, ginger liqueur, basil, pineapple and lemon, it arrived with wisps of smoke. All of the flavors amazingly came together and for this martini drinker, it was unlike any I’ve ever tasted.

From the raw bar, there were two menu items sent by the chef: Nekkei ceviche, tuna with watermelon, a fresh surprise, Smoked Rocoto Ceviche, which had smoky octopus at its center, and Nikkei Tataki featuring tuna and foie gras. The dishes were presented with artistic flair, each served on sleek stone plates. Another ceviche dish which features an array of fish came in a bowl surrounded white cloud-like smoke created by liquid nitrogen.

Their signature nigiri (sushi) are these must haves: Salmon Aburi, which is torched salmon and truffle oil, the Wagyu-Ni, Wagyu beef torched and ginger wasabi, or, my favorite, the Hotruffle, which is scallop, white truffle and sea salt, smooth and buttery.

For rolls, try the Tropical Yasai roll with mango, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado and passion fruit sauce. It was a sweet delight.

The sashimi platter was almost too beautiful to eat with so much fresh fish. Served on a large platter with crushed ice, and decorative garnishes, the fish was fresh and the temperature exactly right, not too cold, but not room temperature, either.

You can have the chef create his signature Omakase, where you get a ceviche of his choosing, the Tiradito Apassionado from the raw bar, which is salmon and passion fruit, along with four pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi, and 5 pieces of the signature rolls.

For dessert, the lava cake presentation was beautiful – a small piece of chocolate cake was served warm with deep chocolate in the middle, and pistachio ice cream on a small plate on the side.

There’s so much on the menu to choose from that is tempting to try everything. With its first intriguing introduction, you will want to return to Paperfish and you’ll be just as surprised the second time around.

Paperfish Sushi is located at 1421 South Miami Ave., Brickell. or 305 741-0936

CultureOwl. Paperfish Sushi has a surprise around every corner

Paperfish Opening

MIAMI – Paperfish is the new sushi bar and izakaya with the red torii gate in Miami’s Brickell area. It is open for its first weekend with a mix of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

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Wolfsonian-FIU, Museum Of Graffiti, Prove Bigger Isn’t Better In Miami’s Dynamic Arts Scene

Miami’s vibrant arts scene goes big.

Big museums like the Rubell and Perez. Big fairs–the biggest–Art Basel Miami Beach. Big murals at Wynwood Walls.

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A Sin City Favorite Arrives in Miami

Café Americano will debut locations inside of Miami Beach’s Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive and Café Americano Collins Avenue in the Redbury Miami Beach in January. The V&E Restaurant Group concepts will mark the first time the popular Las Vegas brand has opened a restaurant in Florida. The group’s current restaurants include Havana 1957, Mercato della Pescheria Miami Beach, Mercato della Pescheria Las Vegas, La Cerveceria de Barrio, Oh! Mexico, Marabú, Barseco, Café Americano Las Vegas, and Terraza by Café Americano.

Café Americano is an all-day diner with an extensive breakfast menu, elaborate cocktail program, and late-night menu. American breakfast classics and comfort food with a Latin twist are served up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. At the bar, mixologists craft barrel-aged classics and signature drinks for guests to savor. The Ocean Drive location will boast oceanfront terrace dining.

“What goes on in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas,” said Matias Pesce, CEO of V&E Restaurant Group. “Miami is just as nocturnal as the sin city, Los Angeles, or New York, and V&E Restaurant Group is excited to elevate not only the late night dining scene but South Beach’s breakfast offerings with two new Café Americano restaurants launching on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Whether you’ve got a hankering for a tiramisu waffle, Cuban sandwich, fish n chips, double bacon cheeseburger or kiwi matcha tea bowl, Café Americano has you covered with your favorite comfort food, cocktail or all-day breakfast dish.”

Executive chef Matthew Fresinski created an inspired menu boasting brunch classics to South Florida favorites to New York-style pizza. A variety of creative cocktails, like the signature Moscow Mule, wine, and craft beers complement the round-the-clock dining menu.

Café Americano Ocean Drive and Café Americano Collins Avenue are open for breakfast Sunday through Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m.; for lunch, dinner, and all-day breakfast Sunday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. In compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, Cafe Americano will close at midnight nightly. For more information visit or follow @cafeamericanomb on Instagram.


Café Americano Debuts First Miami Location on Ocean Drive

Café Americano, an all-day diner based in Las Vegas, has opened its first Miami-area location inside the Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

The concept was created by Miami-based V&E Restaurant Group, which owns more than 30 restaurants in Mexico, Las Vegas, and Miami; including la Cervecería de Barrio, Mercato Della Pescheria, Marabu, and Cortadito. The latter, open since December 15, is located right off Lincoln Road in a spot previously occupied by David’s Café.

The Ocean Drive location is the third for the all-day restaurant and bar, which in Las Vegas is situated in the lobbies of Caesars Palace and Paris hotels. Classic American fare with a Latin twist is offered on the eatery’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night menus, along with a cocktail list.

In a phone conversation, Matias Pesce, CEO of V&E Restaurant Group, tells New Times that the group made the decision to proceed with the all-day diner project despite the current city curfew after they realized they could still make the numbers work.

“We understand that this pandemic is temporary,” says Pesce. “We opened our first location in Vegas in 2014, so we know how to develop and manage an all-day eatery. We also know Miami Beach’s clientele very well and the new spot is the perfect match of location and concept. People appreciate the mix of convenience and good food and that, combined with the outdoor atmosphere is what everyone is looking for now.”

Pesce notes that it is the breakfast menu that anchors the concept at all three locations, but the local menu doesn’t forego the diverse blend of culinary influences that defines Miami.

“We combine comfort food with unique signature recipes so our menu is made up of seventy percent base offerings and thirty percent items inspired by demographic; in this case, a Latin twist and regional dishes,” he explains.

Chef Matthew Fresinski’s breakfast menu includes carrot cake French toast, made with carrot cake slices griddled in spiced French toast batter and topped with cream cheese frosting, toasted pecans, and maple candied carrots ($16).

Other items include a tropical ceviche of golden corvina and shrimp with coconut milk, passion fruit, mango, aji amarillo, crispy corn, and sweet potato ($17). That same ceviche can be found in the restaurant’s seafood feast that also includes seared Florida lobster tail, whole fried Florida snapper, grilled Madagascar shrimp, clarified butter and Cajun remoulade ($145).

Bloody mary aficionados can build their own version or choose a house-made option such as the Bloody Marisco, mixed with jalapeño- and cilantro-infused silver tequila and house bloody mary mix, topped with shrimp ceviche and a chili salt rim ($13). A Moscow mule ($13), a lychee martini ($13), are among the other classics listed on the all-day beverage menu.

A fourth Café Americano location is set to debut later this month in the Redbury South Beach on Collins Avenue, and Pesce says the group plans to keep expanding nationwide. An offshoot of the concept, Café Americano Xpresso, is likewise in the works.

“Much has changed in the food and beverage industry and landlords are demanding smaller locations,” says Pesce. “We’re developing a quick-service option with a reduced menu and more casual service over a 150-foot area and plan on opening in Brickell later this year.”

Café Americano Ocean Drive. 1144 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach; 786-730-3549; Open Sunday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to midnight.


Chefs reveal what to order at a Mexican restaurant

Mexican cuisine is oftentimes delicious and flavorful, but not everything that restaurants dish up is worth ordering. 

Insider spoke to chefs to figure out which common Mexican restaurant meals are must-haves and which you can probably skip or cook up at home.

Here are a few of the best and worst things to order at a Mexican restaurant.

Full Article:


Miami’s reputation for entertainment is renowned across the globe, ensuring the city attracts huge numbers of party-lovers every year, all lured here by the superb climate, ocean setting, dazzling nightspots and pumping music scene. Little surprise, therefore, that the city boasts a superb calendar of festivals and fairs throughout the year, too.

For anyone visiting Miami, the scope and scale of events that take place here on an almost-weekly basis ensures there’ll be something to suit every taste. To help you find the events you’d be keen to attend in 2020, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the best festivals and fairs taking place here over the coming 12 months.


Approaching its 20th birthday, this internationally recognised show is dedicated to the colourful and fragrant orchid flower. This year’s event is being billed as the largest to date, offering visitors the chance to marvel at a diverse collection of rare orchids assembled into beautiful exhibits – and purchase some if they wish, too. There are also free classes for those keen to learn more about orchids..

LOCATION Dade County Youth Fairgrounds, Miami-Dade DATES 17 January 2020 


A juried fine arts show featuring art, crafts and multi-media from hundreds of exhibitors, Beaux Arts Festival is one of Miami’s biggest cultural events of the year. Whatever your favoured art form, be it wood, watercolours, photography, oil and acrylics, graphics, glass, ceramics or 3D sculpture, there’ll be something to please every preference. Furthermore, with live music, kids’ art experiences, and free entertainment on offer, it’s a real family friendly occasion too, while food lovers will enjoy the array of top class dining options available.

LOCATION University of Miami DATES 18 January 2020 


Held to coincide with The Big Game Weekend 2020 – aka Superbowl 2020 – the inaugural edition of this two-day music festival is promising to take Miami by storm with a star-studded line-up of talent spanning a wide range of musical genres, including Hip-Pop, Urban, Latin & Caribbean. Festival organisers are placing cultural diversity at the heart of the festival, reflected in both the musicians taking part and the anticipated audience too.

LOCATION Marlins Park DATES 31 January-1 February


Local bites, live music and as much craft beer as you can guzzle is just some of what guests can look forward to at the 2020 edition of Brew Miami, which acts as the perfect showcase for the area’s burgeoning craft beer industry. Beer lovers can come and sample lashings of locally produced amber nectar by purchasing either General Admission or VIP tickets (the latter including a variety of speciality pours), and for spirits fans there are also Jack Daniels Experience tickets which provide access to an exclusive area with specialty samplings of Jack Daniels Rye, Ford’s Gin, Old Forester Bourbon and Jack Daniels Country Cocktails, plus foodie samples.

LOCATION Riccardo Silva Stadium DATES 8 February 2020 


Each year, the winding streets of Coconut Grove, considered by many to be Miami’s original art district, plays host to a hugely popular outdoor arts festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors hailing from far and wide. Originally a small clothesline fair, the event has grown dramatically and today showcases a remarkable assortment of visual, performing and culinary arts experiences.

LOCATION McFarlane Road, South Bayshore Drive & Pan American Drive DATES 15-17 February 2020


Dedicated foodies in Miami this February will not want to miss this star-studded, five-day gastronomic extravaganza, which serves as a showcase for some of the world’s finest chefs and culinary experts. Attracting more than 65,000 visitors each year, the event invites guests to watch demos, participate in a fun-packed programme of food-themed activities, and sample plenty of mouth-watering treats along the way.

LOCATION Lummus Park DATES 20-24 February 2020 


Featuring two huge weekend dance events, cocktail receptions, and the biggest pool party in Miami, the Winter Party Festival is a major event on the LGBTQ calendar, raising much needed funds for this community. The weeklong celebration has been running since 1994 and provides a platform for an impressive line-up of internationally acclaimed DJs, plus an array of other high-energy dance and social events in the idyllic environs of Miami Beach.

LOCATION Lummus Park DATES 4-10 March 2020 


Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a weekend packed full of exotic music and dance, Asian arts, crafts, plants and entertainment, as well as a mouth-watering selection of authentic Far Eastern cuisine. Cultural performance highlights include Thai classical and folk dance, martial arts demonstrations, fashion shows, Japanese origami, and Fusho Daiko drumming. There’s also a Global Kids Village where little ones can enjoy storytelling, puppet shows, games, song and dance from around the world.

LOCATION Fruit & Spice Park DATES 7-8 March 2020 


One of the world’s most prestigious electronic events returns to Miami this March as part of the build up to the grand finale, the equally acclaimed Ultra Music Festival. Every year hundreds of thousands of music lovers from around the world descend on the city for a week-long marathon of parties featuring almost every major artist in the electronic dance music scene. Venues include nightclubs, pools, boats, and pop-up spaces across the city.

LOCATION Venues across Miami DATES 16-22 March 2020 


Boasting elite DJs and unparalleled production venues, the Ultra Music Festival has gained an almost mythical status in the minds of electronic music aficionados the world over. Bringing Miami Music Week to a close each year, the immersive event plays host to a diverse array of musical acts from across the electronic and dance genres, with a number of freshly produced tunes getting played in front of live audiences for the first time. Away from the music, there are also interactive art installations and live-painting displays dotted throughout the festival grounds.

LOCATION Bayfront Park DATES 20-22 March 2020 


With the city home to a vast LGBTQ community, Miami’s contribution to the global phenomenon of Pride events is unsurprisingly one of the biggest and best anywhere. With parties and events lasting almost a full week, the hugely popular occasion culminates with a two-day weekend festival along the sands of Lummus Park and a colourful parade down Ocean Drive.

LOCATION Ocean Drive, Art Deco district DATES 28 March-5 April 


Award winning BBQ and top class blues and country music are the central focus of this fun-filled annual event, which also features a Classic Car and Motorcycle Show and a live concert music series. But the main event is without doubt the food, which sees grillmasters cooking up delectable ribs, brisket and chicken, plus seafood, conch fritters and other foodie treats to ensure no-one goes home hungry.

LOCATION Fruit & Spice Park DATES 4-5 April 2020 


For more than two decades, Miami has been home to one of the most important LGBT Film Festivals in the country. Designed to enable the LGBTQ community to come together to celebrate and support the films that tell the story of our lives, the entire spectrum of the LGBTQ rainbow is represented in more than 80 films from across the globe, including documentaries, short films, comedies, dramas and everything in between, with many of the films making their US premieres.

LOCATION Venues across Miami DATES 16-29 April


Now in its 8th year, III Points Festival sees more than 100 musical performers and sets running until the early hours. Both established and emerging artists are given a stage to present a variety of experimental music, and there’s also visual art, film, food to help make this one of Miami’s most eagerly awaited cultural events each year. Notable names to appear at previous editions include Herbie Hancock, Tyler, The Creator, and James Blake.

LOCATION Mana Wynwood Convention Center DATES 1-2 May 2020 


More than any other annual event, Miami Fashion Week serves to cement Miami as one of the world’ most important fashion hubs. The world’s most renowned models, as well as a dazzling line-up of celebrities from across music, film, sport, and culture, descend on the show to see the hottest, most cutting edge creations by acclaimed fashion designers being paraded up and down the catwalk.

LOCATION Ice Palace Film Studios DATES 27-31 May 2020


Held on Memorial Day Weekend each year, Sizzle Miami gives dedicated gym buffs the chance to show off their muscles and skimpy swimwear at an array of pool and beach parties at locations across South Beach. Highlights include a pumping yacht party aboard a luxury charter vessel, and the hugely popular Sizzle Pool Party at the National Hotel featuring a hot body contest and a fashion show. As for the dress code, the most accurate answer is ‘as little as possible’.

LOCATION National Hotel, South Beach DATES 21-25 May 2020 


The rich heritage of movies that celebrate black culture is marked at this annual film festival, held over an immersive week of red carpet pageantry, films, workshops, panel discussions, director talks, and parties. The event also stages a Short Film Competition, with visitors invited to enjoy the works of finalists vying for academy approval and cash prizes.

LOCATION Theatres throughout Miami Beach DATES 17-21 June 2020


Away from the limelight of mainstream movies, the underground film scene is celebrated at this alternative festival featuring 25-plus film shorts, documentaries, animations, and music videos, along with live music performances from local acts hailing from the South Florida area. There’s also an irreverent awards ceremony to mark the achievements of some of the unsung heroes of the underground movie scene.

LOCATION Churchill’s Pub DATES 22-23 June 2020


Summertime in Miami wouldn’t be the same without the International Mango festival, which celebrates the globally popular juicy fruit through cooking demonstrations, a display of the world’s largest mango collection, a mango auction, a kids’ culinary challenge, expert speakers discussing the latest research in the mango industry, and more. Away from the mango-themed action, there’s also live music, a beer garden and food trucks.

LOCATION Wynwood Marketplace DATES 11-12 July 2020


Miami’s strong connections with Latin American culture stretch back decades to the first wave of Cubans who descended on the city in the 1950s. Little surprise, therefore, that Latin culture has infused the city – a fact that is celebrated each year at MegaRumba. The vast outdoor festival invites revellers to groove away to cumbia, salsa and Latin pop from a stellar line-up of musicians, and chow down on classic Latino foodie treats from a fleet of food trucks, with the entertainment lasting until the early hours.

LOCATION Wynwood Marketplace DATES 20-21 July 2020


Many of the city’s finest restaurants take part in Spice Miami each year, designed to encourage visitors and locals to try out new local eateries and visit old favourites by providing discounted three-course meals. Participating restaurants for 2020 will include Ad Lib, Bakan, La Cerveceria de Barrio, La Estacion American Brasserie, La Placita, Swan & Bar Bevy, and the Jim and Neesie. The event also helps many dining spots survive Miami’s summer, when attendance drops in restaurants.

LOCATION The Confidante Miami Beach DATES 31 July – 2 August 2020


Aiming to bridge the gap between Africa and the African diaspora by sharing the music, dance and culture of various African countries and encouraging cross-cultural understanding, this festival brings together thousands of people from across the globe. From pool parties with famed DJs, dance workshops, and music concerts to beach, fun and sun, the event delivers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, vibe and connection between all who attend.

LOCATION Eden Roc Miami Beach DATES 27-31 August 2020


Formerly known as the Miami World Music Festival, the current incarnation of this magical event celebrates, encourages and supports the diversity of music from around the world. The festival features a range of academic, traditional and contemporary music from diverse cultures performed by acclaimed artists, with a particular emphasis given to chamber music written by legendary composers, and the use of traditional folk instruments.

LOCATION Wertheim Performing Arts Center DATES 19-22 September 2020


Celebrate ORGULLO honours the contributions of the area’s Hispanic LGBTQ community through two full weeks of art, fashion and culture-related events. Among the highlights are a Fashion Forum complete with a Q&A with expert panellists, and a Legends Fashion Gala showcasing a range of local upcoming and established fashion designers, all with the aim of celebrating the best of fashion and the LGBTQ community.

LOCATION Venues across Miami DATES 1-15 October 2020


One of seven events taking place during the Coral Gables Art & Mega Festival, this gastronomic extravaganza invites visitors to sample a wide variety of grub and booze from multiple food stands, as well as more than 200 beer, wine and spirits brands. The event takes place on the streets of downtown Coral Gables with giant tents hosting the exhibitors, and cooking demos and live music adding to the entertainment.

LOCATION Coral Gables Museum DATES 26 October 2020


To celebrate the October kick off of stone crab season, South Beach Seafood Week throws an epic weeklong shindig packed full of VIP dinners, cocktail parties and the culminating all-day festival at Lummus Park featuring fabulous seafood by Miami’s top restaurants and chefs. The grounds include a Live Zone featuring music and craft cocktails, as well as a Beach Club with music from local bands.

LOCATION Lummus Park DATES 22-26 October 2020


December is when Miami’s vibrant arts scene goes truly wild thanks to Miami Art Week, and the Miami Fine Art Show takes prime position within this frenzy. A high quality, juried fine art and fine craft show where all art is original and personally handmade by the artist in the show, the event offers art lovers the chance to peruse and purchase works including paintings, clay, sculpture, glass, fibre, wood, photography, jewellery and more.

LOCATION Regatta Park DATES 1 December 2020


Widely considered North America’s most important international contemporary art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach plays host to over 268 galleries from 35 countries showcasing works by more than 4,000 artists. Tens of thousands of art dealers, artists, collectors and aficionados descend on the city for the event, which has also spawned more than 20 satellite fairs (including the aforementioned Miami Art Fair) as well as parties and events galore.

LOCATION Miami Beach Convention Center DATES 3-6 December 2020



  • Football stars Aaron Donald and “Hollywood” Brown (pictured above) help with SNICKERS’ mission to fix the world in Miami, FL.
  • Denise Richards seen shopping for high-protein bars from the new fitfactor brand at her local The Vitamin Shoppe in Woodland Hills, California.
  • Neil Patrick Harris and his husband were spotted at Townline BBQ last Friday picking up BBQ to go.
  • GRAMMYs performer Diplo said “Hello Moto” from the red carpet last night with the new Motorola razr, showing off his latest fashion accessoryOpens in a new Window. that complemented the DJ’s “Old Town Road” look.
  • Emily Cheng does 2020 Grammy’s R&B Album of the Year Nominee, Ella Mai’s makeup using Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Self Refreshing Foundation.On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez hit up the 2020 Pegasus World Cup Championship Invitational Series at Gulfstream Park and hung out in David Grutman’s Pegasus LIV Stretch Village with their kids Max, Emme and Natasha in tow.
  • Nicky Hilton was spotted wearing Choosy’s Aurora SkirtOpens in a new Window. in her recent Instagram post at the opening of the Winter Show.
  • Rachel Brosnahan posed for photos next to Acua’s very own resident Snowman dressed as a director while stopping by The IMDb Studio at the Acura Festival Village. Acura is the Presenting Sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival and will host panels, live performances, The IMDb Studio and invite-only premiere parties throughout the week.
  • Sienna Miller and Diego Luna of “Wander Darkly” attended TheWrap Studio sponsored by Heineken at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday in Park City, Utah.
  • Just a week away from her Big Game Halftime Show, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were spotted at David Grutman’s Papi SteakOpens in a new Window. in South Beach Friday night. Celebrating her manager, Benny Medina’s birthday, Lopez was seen toasting to the birthday boy while snuggled up against A-Rod.
  • Kelly Rowland, Oswin Benjamin, Joe Keery, Lala Kent, James Van Der Beek, Lea Thompson and more attended the Pizza Hut x Legion M Lounge in Park City, Utah.
  • The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Drew Taggart), Kygo, Hailee Steinfeld, Kate Beckinsale, Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, Robert Kraft, Kaia Gerber, Chase Crawford and more attended JAJA Tequila’s “The Party For No Reason,” a pre-Grammy bash to celebrate the industry’s biggest weekend.
  • Mila Kunis was spotted wearing a heart stitch tee from Catherine Gee, while promoting her new film, Four New Days, at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Featuring a scattering of embroidered hearts, the cotton tee is the perfect piece for an effortless, yet sophisticated look.
  • Caelynn Miller-Keyes gets glammed at newly-launched Parisian blow dry bar, KOVA, before heading to an event in West Hollywood.
  • Winona Ryder (pictured below) in her namesake Winona, MN for Squarespace’s Sixth Super Bowl commercial.
  • Ben Platt and Zoey Deutch danced the night away at the CAA Grammy Party sponsored by Heineken at Sunset Room in Hollywood on Saturday.
  • Actress and activist Ashley Judd joined Audrey Gruss to introduce the new Hope Fragrance Collection at a high tea in Bergdorf Goodman’s luxurious seventh floor, BG Restaurant.
  • Vanderpump Rules’ stars James Kennedy and girlfriend, Raquel Leviss dined at TAO ChicagoOpens in a new Window. on Saturday evening to celebrate James’ 28th birthday.
  • Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore hit Carmine’sOpens in a new Window. in Atlantic City for dinner Friday night with a group of friends. The group enjoyed signature dishes including Caesar Salad, the restaurant’s famed Chicken Parm and dessert including Tiramisu.
  • Dove Cameron attended the FEKKAI Turns the Tide Beach Salon and cleanup in Santa Monica.
  • Celebrities attended ‘Faster Kill Pussycat’ – the late-night Grammy after-party at the private residence of the CEO of Absolut Elyx in the Hollywood Hills, hosted by DJ Paul Oakenfold – with celebrities including Diplo, Sophia Bush, Chuck Liddell, and more who came out to celebrate the awards.
  • Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and hubby Justin Mikita (…and dad’s to be…!) were all smiles as they attended Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Lounge in partnership with ABC4 News in Park City over the weekend, where the event was sponsored by Modere, Lehi Mills, and Chef Bryan Woolley.
  • Giuliana & Bill Rancic’s latest restaurant, RPM SeafoodOpens in a new Window., just opened on the Chicago Riverfront, and a number of celebrities attended the invite-only VIP preview event.
  • Meek Mill and his business partner CoonPhilly splurged on a lavish Grammys afterparty at TAO Hollywood that was sponsored by D’USSE Cognac, Saucey Farms and Extracts, and Lids.
  • Dorothy Wang celebrated her birthday with friends at Roku in West Hollywood, CA.
  • Celebrity chef Wayne Elias and business partner Chris Doozer of Crumble CateringOpens in a new Window. join Steven Tyler in celebrating the third annual Grammy Awards Viewing Party benefiting Janie’s Fund. As the official caterers they spent the night pleasing the palettes of VIP guests and Janie’s Fund supporters with a beautiful four-course dinner.
  • Cardi B wore Lancer’s The Method – NormalOpens in a new Window. and Eye Contour Lifting CreamOpens in a new Window. to the GRAMMY’s Sunday evening.
  • Marilyn & Sinatra actress Erin Gavin celebrated her birthday with Hollywood publicist Christine Peake (both pictured below) by singing Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend to a delighted packed red-hour crowd including Bombshell actor Spencer GarrettThe Good Place’s Luke Guldan, CNN’s Sandro Monetti and recording artist VAJA at celeb hotspot Crustacean in Beverly Hills.
  • Last weekend, Mohegan Sun celebrated the 17th annual Sun Wine & Food Festival with the help of celebrity Chefs Marc Murphy, Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag, Maneet Chauhan, as well as reality TV stars Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill from Real Housewives of AtlantaTom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules and guest DJ Brandi Cyrus, among others.
  • On Friday, American singer-songwriter, Pink, had a fun-filled evening at XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas celebrating a close friend’s birthday. At one point in the evening, she showed off her moves by dancing on a dancer platform near her table.
  • New York Giants player William Hernandez was spotted sipping on $150 smoke-infused cocktails at new Oaxacan hotspot Casa Del ToroOpens in a new Window. in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Actor Blair Underwood was spotted at Resident Magazine’s January Issue Cover Party at Gerber Group’s The CrownOpens in a new Window. on Monday. There to celebrate the cover star were his Soldier’s Play cast and crew including Jerry O’Connell (and wife Rebecca RomijnMcKinley Belcher III, Robert Demry, Jared Grimes, Lee Aaron Rosen and Nate Mann. Resident publisher Christopher Pape and Editor-in-Chief Julie Sagoskin were also in attendance.
  • Arrested Development and Toy Story 4 actor, Tony Hale, stopped by The Vulture Spot presented by Amazon Fire TV 2020 during Sundance Film Festival wearing LeeOpens in a new Window. jeans and TimberlandOpens in a new Window. boots.
  • Casamigos Tequila joined Paramount Pictures on Monday evening to toast Blake Lively and Jude Law at the New York premiere of their new film The Rhythm Section. After the screening, guests made their way to BAM in Brooklyn and enjoyed specialty Casamigos cocktails.
  • Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney and his wife, Tiffany Fallon, took their son to see the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters on Saturday in Nashville.  Globetrotters showman “Big Easy” Lofton surprised the family by plopping on their laps for a quick rest and some laughs during the team’s “Pushing the Limits” World Tour evening game.
  • Celebrity skincare expert Toska Husted performed her newest signature facial, the Toska Triple Lift Luxury Facial on Jennifer Lopez in Miami.
  • Jennifer Beals attended the 22nd Costume Designers Guild Awards (CDGA), hosted by Campari, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • GLOW star Alison Brie seen wearing The Arrivals while promoting her new movie Horse Girl at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah Monday.
  • Former professional basketball player and current sports analyst for ESPN, Jalen Rose, was spotted enjoying a Surf and Turf at Havana 1957 on Ocean Drive in Miami. He is in town for the Super Bowl this weekend.
  • Alec Baldwin (pictured below) with the Original Penguin character at the ‘Kia Telluride Supper Suite’ by MARBL Toronto daytime lounge during the Sundance film festival on Saturday.
  • Celebrity choreographer Kennis Marquis and Red Bull dancer Angyil hosted hip-hop dance classes in L.A. and NYC to celebrate the launch of Red Bull Zero.
  • Actor Milo Ventimiglia spotted at the Scognamillo family’s Patsy’s Italian RestaurantOpens in a new Window. on Manhattan’s West 56th Street with Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino. Milo had the Eggplant Parmesan.
  • DJ Irie, Jamie Foxx and Charles Woodson making a heartfelt toast to the late Kobe Bryant at last night’s Culinary Kickoff party with Intercept Wine in Miami for Super Bowl Weekend.
  • Diane Guerrero, Rachel Brosnahan, Joe Keery, Kali Uchis and more stopped by the Kia Telluride Supper Suite during Sundance Film Festival and picked up boots by mou Opens in a new Window.and eyewear by ic! berlinOpens in a new Window..
  • Actress Demi Moore and designer Alexandra Birman attended a RAD luncheon hosted at Ardor at The West Hollywood EDITIONOpens in a new Window. by to support child advocacy non-profit Thorn.
  • Johnny Weir hosted the Special Olympics Skating Showcase during Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park.
  • Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Shock, Jane Wieldin and Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s attended a private dinner during Sundance for The Go-Go’s hosted by RAND Luxury at The St. Regis Deer Valley on January 24, 2020 in Park City, Utah.
  • Rita Ora and Kate Beckinsale attended Tings Magazine Private Dinner at the Private Residence of the CEO of Absolut Elyx on January 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
  • FOX MLB Studio Analyst and Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade Board Member, Alex Rodriguez “A-Rod”, presented a $200,000 contribution to Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, at the Hank Kline Club in Coconut Grove, the club he attended during his youth.
  • Rico Gathers, former Dallas Cowboys tight end and current NFL free agent, and a female friend visited Yardbird Miami Beach on Wednesday for a late lunch. Gathers, a regular Yardbird visitor, is visiting Miami Beach for the Super Bowl. The duo was casually dressed in sweats and enjoyed Yardbird’s signature fried chicken.
  • Eva Longoria spotted enjoying Pure Leaf Cold Brew Tea at Sundance TV HQ in Park City, Utah.
  • Clinical herbalist and L.AC to the stars, William Siff, executing a Plantventure Experience at the Goldthread Plant-Based TonicsOpens in a new Window. HQ in Santa Monica, California on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was spotted dining with actor Omari Hardwick at David Grutman’s KomodoOpens in a new Window.. 
  • Jessica Alba shared her love for Pipcorn on her IGOpens in a new Window. storyOpens in a new Window. this week.
  • Yo Gotti at his Untrapped album listening dinner on Tuesday at the Four Seasons in New York. The event featured specialty D’USSE Cognac cocktails.
  • Jaime King (pictured below) enjoying Feel Good Foods’ three cheese snacks bites which are Gluten Free, Chef Inspired and available at Target stores nationwide.
  • Former Dolphins players, former Heat player and current philanthropist/entrepreneur, Alonzo Mourning attended a celebratory event for NFL Hall of Fame coach Don Shula at auto magnate, Warren Henry Auto HQ. The Warren Henry Auto Group family, friends, fans and peers gathered to honor the NFL’s greatest coach of all time and his legendary undefeated season and un-matchable win record just in time for Super Bowl LIV.
  • Dorothy Wang and EJ Johnson celebrated the launch of travel guide platform, DorothyWang.comOpens in a new Window., on Wednesday in Los Angeles.  
  • Jordin Sparks, Sharon Osbourne and Keltie Knight all swung by SomaOpens in a new Window. to pick up the limited edition robe during Grammys weekend.
  • At Center 415 in New York City, PUMA hosted its PUMA Women’s Spring 2020 Launch Event with an immersive experience and panel discussion celebrating PUMA Women and moderated by Taylor Rooks. The panel of talented women featured PUMA ambassadors musician and dancer DaniLeigh and WNBA star Katie Lou Samuelson, with a surprise appearance and dance by five-year-old entertainer ZaZa who closed out the discussion.
  • Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing’s Ryan Serhant, Instagram stars @DudeWithSign and Casey Neistat hosted an online giveaway “Free Year NYC” where they gave a free apartment for one year to winner Sam Bencheghib of non-profit, Make a Change via Instagram. The winner was announced on Wednesday via Ryan’s Vlog and Sam will be living in Extell’s One Manhattan Square, NYC’s hottest new address.
  • Last Friday, YouTube star and Dominique Cosmetics founder Christen Dominiquecelebrated the launch of her new Latte 2 Collection Opens in a new Fig & Olive with beauty guru friends like Jackie Aina, Patrick Starrr, Desi Perkins and more.
  • Snoop Dogg, Saquon Barkley, Joey Bosa and more attended Rookie of the Year party at Pepsi Zero Sugar Presents Neon Beach at the Clevelander in Miami, FL.
  • Reese Witherspoon was spotted in her Rothy’s “The Point” flats in black while out in L..A (Santa Monica) on Wednesday.
  • Rappers Casanova and Tory Lanez were with Meek MillDJ Khaled and Megan Thee Stallion earlier in the evening and later stopped by Story Nightclub in Miami to watch Mill perform.
  • Floyd Mayweather was spotted at Miami’s top barbershop, The Spot BarbershopOpens in a new Window. for a pre-super bowl weekend grooming session.
  • Influencers and notable tastemakers like Yappa co-founders Kiaran Sim and Jennifer Dyer attended the Mastercard Sonic Launch party during GRAMMY week on January 24th at Fred Segal in West Hollywood.
  • Nicky Bondz (pictured below) celebrating the release of his new song, LOVE launching 1/31 on Spotify
  • On Wednesday night, former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski took over as an Uber Driver in Miami to hand-deliver tickets to Gronk Beach, his personal music festival, as part of a partnership with Uber Eats and his favorite Miami donut spot, The Salty DonutOpens in a new Window..
  • SKAM Artist DJ Lil Jon performed at Park City Live’s Sundance kick-off party which also acted as a a birthday celebration for the artist. DJ Ross One spun the following night and Post Malone did a surprise visit during Lil Jon’s set.
  • Hip-hop artist Future hosted a Grammy pre party at sbe hotspot Hyde Sunset where Meek MillChance the Rapper and Young Thug partied at nearby tables.
  • Supermodel Rachel Hunter was spotted at the newly redesigned Mondrian Los Angeles with her mini pooch in tow.
  • Comedian and host Trevor Noah dined at sbe’s Katsuya L.A. Live during The Grammy’s and enjoyed an assortment of sushi with friends to celebrate his nomination.
  • Rapper Swae Lee was spotted checking out the live music at Skybar’s Sunset Sessions at Mondrian Los Angeles.
  • Grammy winning artist Roddy Ricch hosted the MADE nightlife after party at sbe’s West Hollywood hotspot Nightingaleafter The Grammy Awards on Sunday. MMA Champion Conor McGregor was also in attendance.
  • Bay Area rapper E-40 performed at The LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and gave a shout out to his home team, San Francisco 49ers.
  • Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay stopped in for a rooftop lunch at Culver City’s Margot at Platform LA.
  • SKAM ArtistDJ Samantha Ronson spinning at Spotify’s Dawn Ostroff’s event around Gender Equity at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.
  • Actress Alison Brie wore Laundry by Shelli Segal while stopping by the Kia Telluride Supper Suite to promote her new film at the Sundance Film festival.
  • David Arquette and Christina Arquette stopped by the Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Award at ‘Kia Telluride Supper Suite in Park City, Utah, where guests enjoyed Peroni Nastro Azzurro, cocktails by Glenfiddich and William Grant & Sons, and delicious cuisine by MARBL Toronto.
  • Jim Gaffigan attended the Kia Telluride Supper Suite by MARBL Toronto via the award-winning SUV Kia Telluride in Park City, Utah.
  • Olivia Munn enjoying Peroni beer during the Creative Coalition dinner at Kia Supper Suite in Park City.
  • Sienna Miller seen picking out Mou Boots at the Kia Supper Suite in Park City.
  • 50 Cent seen at Mondrian Los Angeles in L.A. during Grammy week.
  • Talent such as Kayla Ewell, Wilson Cruz and Jonathan Bennett seen enjoying Snack Pop’s Butterfinger Candy Pop popcorn during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City at the Music Lodge event.
  • Alison Brie (pictured below) of Horse Girl signs the Heineken bottle sculpture at TheWrap Studio at Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2020 in Park City, Utah.